Looking for a special Mother’s Day gift?

A customized gift, made with love, is the perfect solution: personalize a cover or a case for your Mom’s smartphone or tablet and amaze her with a truly unique present!

How can you do it? It’s very easy! Just follow the simple steps of our online application in order to create a unique and original gift:

  1. Click on CREATE YOUR CASE in the top menu and select the brand of the device you want to customize; you can choose among many different brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Huawei, Blackberry, Microsoft, Alcatel, Motorola, Sony, and more;
  2. Choose your model from those available; to simplify your search, you can use the box 1. at the top right corner of the screen1. at the top right corner of the screen next to the magnifier to type the name of the device you are looking for;
  3. Upload your favorite photo from your computer, your smartphone gallery, or your Facebook albums;
  4. Position the image on our template;
  5. ...and that's it! Your cover will be ready to be shipped to you within 72 hours!

What are you waiting for? Amaze everyone with a unique Mother’s Day gift!


Our custom cases are an excellent gift idea for Mother’s Day: perfect to protect smartphones from bumps and scratches, without sacrificing elegance and originality, they give a unique look to any smartphone and tablet, and your Mom will be able to always treasure your photo a special memory.

We offer a wide range of cases to customize. You can choose from:

  • the classic and durable TPU cases, made of soft silicone, which protect smartphones from bumps and scratches, and have an original and fresh look
  • the elegant and refined leather wallet cases, perfect for those who keep their smartphone or tablet in their bag or backpack since they offer full protection of all sides of the device, including the front
  • the very practical tablet smartcases that protect tablets without adding bulk

Our custom cases are a very special gift idea for Mother’s Day, [É] They are unique and personal, custom made for the person who will receive them. High-quality materials and 100% original design will make this gift very special. Trust us: satisfaction’s guaranteed!



Choose a truly unique Mother’s Day gift! In our catalogue, you will find over 100 smartphone and tablet case models, all ready to be personalized. Surprise your Mom with a simple yet original gift!

Why Choose Us

We use only high-quality products and innovative techniques. We use a variety of materials, and we offer a wide range of products and gifts.

The goal of Personalizzalo is to create a simple but outstanding product that is characterized by attention to details in addition to exceptional print quality and color rendition. The quality of our customer service is of utmost importance to us.


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