Create your custom iPhone 12 cases

Have you always wanted an iPhone but are afraid of damaging it? Don’t worry, thanks to Personalizzalo you can protect your device and make it unique by creating your custom iPhone 12 case. Just a few steps, follow our advice and create your custom case:
  • Click “Create”, select the case option and the Apple brand products.
  • Look for the iPhone 12 model and choose the type of case you prefer.
  • How do you want to customise? Upload a photo directly from your smartphone or PC or browse our artists’ gallery full of interesting designs.
  • Position the image and rotate it as you prefer. If you like, you can add text, backgrounds and colours.
  • Once you have finished, order your custom iPhone 12 case. It will be delivered to your home in 72 hours!


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 iPhone 12 cases in special TPU silicone


Custom iPhone 12 cases in special TPU silicone, a case that is always popular, a true timeless classic. Easy to fit, it is elastic and light and has all the features necessary to protect your smartphone from the most common risks. The case is provided with thick raised borders to protect the display of the iPhone 12 from scratches, while the entire exterior is covered with a special grip coating that makes it easier to hold and reduces the risk of being dropped by 90%.


Our custom iPhone 12 cases are really practical and easy to fit, but this does not mean that they are not resistant. Created to last for a long time, and resistant to wear, even the high-quality images that we will print onto the case will not fade or lose the brightness and sharpness that make them so popular.


Ultra-slim, very elastic and extremely easy to handle: the custom iPhone 12 case is perfect for daily use. Its efficiency in protection combined with the incredible colour rendering of the printed image and the high resolution of the image will astound everyone!

Custom iPhone 12 case: a fantastic gift idea.

Everyone knows the problem of having to give a gift and finding themselves short of ideas and imagination. Don’t give the wrong gift, choose a custom iPhone 12 case! Making one is child’s play, the whole operation takes just a few minutes and can be done anywhere. All you need is a smartphone or any device that connects to the internet. Choose a photo of the recipient or an image of something that has a special meaning for them and print it on the iPhone 12 case, it will be a sure-fire hit. Custom cases, the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, name days and lots of other celebrations!

Not only custom iPhone 12 cases

Here at Personalizzalo, we asked ourselves: “why restrict ourselves to custom cases for iPhone 12 and other mobile phones?” Browse our website and have fun with the configurator, you can discover all the potential of high-quality printing at the service of your imagination. If you click on “Create” you can access the configurator area, in which you can design and order customisations for a wide range of objects. Cases for more than 700 models of telephone, cases for iPads, MacBooks and tablets, many types of different clothing for men, women and children, shopping bags and even MINI-MEs!