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Create Meizu photo phone case for your smartphone!

Creating a customized Meizu photo phone case has never been so easy! On you can now create a customized smartphone case for your Meizu device and receive it in just 72 hours. Ready to start? All you have to do is to follow these simple steps of our online application:

  • Click on CUSTOMIZE YOUR CASE and choose Meizu from the available brands;
  • Select the model of your Meizu smartphone;
  • Upload your favourite photo from your computer, your smartphone, your tablet or from a social network album, position it as you like on the case’s template and… your customized photo phone case will be delivered to you within 72 hours!

What are you waiting for? Start at once!

Custom Meizu Cases:

Details make difference

100% Guaranteed quality

Elegance and protection with our cases!

The Meizu customized photo phone case is perfect to protect your smartphone from drops, bumps and scratches. The silicone case will fit perfectly your smartphone protecting its sides and a small frontal part, which will allow you to place your smartphone screen-side down without damaging it.

Your Meizu photo phone case will be printed with an innovative technique that ensures high-quality, bright colours, well-defined images and supreme durability of your customized smartphone case.



An indestructible classic, which protects your Meizu from knocks, scratches and small falls, easy to apply and practical to use.








Rigid, slim and resistant, with printing right up to the border and a fantastic glossy effect, which renders colours vivid and bright.








Light, slim and rigid, with an incredible silky texture and look, and printing right up to the side borders.








For those who want to protect their device with elegance, also covering the screen, while maintaining a truly unique style!






Meizu photo phone case: a great gift idea!

The custom Meizu photo phone case is a fantastic gift idea suitable for any occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, name-days and many others. Surprise your loved ones with this truly unique gift idea that will leave them literally speechless!


If you are a sector professional or a retailer, and you are interested in offering a mobile phone case or accessory customization service in your store, CONTACT US by using the dedicated form, entering all the necessary information. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible to give you all the necessary information.

On Personalizzalo you can create... ARTISTIC CASES!

Selected Italian artists have created a series of original, unique and exclusive graphics with which to customize your cases! Visit the artist area and discover the image gallery, where you can choose your favourite image!

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