Custom MI A2 Lite case

Make a Mi A2 Lite case with your favourite photo!

Why use an anonymous case that says nothing about you when you can create the case you have always wanted yourself? The Personalizzalo configurator is really practical and intuitive, and lets you see a preview of how your custom Mi A2 Lite case will look before you complete your purchase. What are you waiting for? Get to work straight away and have fun. All you have to do is follow these steps:
  • Choose the Xiaomi brand from those available Browse through the available models until you find the Mi A2 Lite
  • Upload a photo directly from your computer or smartphone. If you don’t have one that you like, you can choose a design from our artists’ gallery
  • Have fun with our configurator, you can position the image as you prefer, add fun text or a coloured background
  • Confirm the order and complete the purchase of your custom Mi A2 Lite case. You will receive it directly at home in 72 hours!


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Custom MI A2 Lite soft case


A truly classic case. The custom soft Redmi 6 Pro case is elastic, practical and light. Made in TPU silicone, it fully surrounds your Mi A2 Lite even covering the sides, protects your device screen with a 1-mm raised border when it is resting on a surface, and makes sure your smartphone never slips out of your hand thanks to a special grip coating.


A practical and convenient case that is also super resistant. The images that we print on the custom cases are high-definition and brightly coloured, even after intensive use. A case that will last over time.


The soft Mi A2 Lite case is very slim, light and really easy to put on, perfect for those using their smartphone every day, either for work or to remain connected. The quality of the materials and the printing, as well as the brightness of the colours, will amaze everyone!

Customize Redmi A2 cases for a fantastic gift idea..

A special occasion is coming up and you want to surprise everyone? Why waste all that time going from shop to shop when you won’t find anything you like? Give a Xiaomi Redmi A2 Lite case. You can customise it with just a few clicks with your own photo, one of you and the recipient together or a picture of a special moment, decorate it with a dedicated message, and you’re done! A gift that will amaze and make an impression, without effort and from the comfort of your home.

As well as custom Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite cases

With Personalizzalo you can create much more than just custom Mi A2 Lite cases; there are cases for another 20 brands and 700 smartphone models: Samsung, Huawei, Apple and many more. Our configurator is so practical and versatile that we have decided to make it available to you in order to satisfy all your needs, from the creation of an original case for iPads or MacBooks to the customisation of t-shirts and sweatshirts of all sizes, shopping bags and MINI-MEs!