Cover personalizzate google Pixel 5

Create your custom PIXEL 5 COVER

Now you can protect your smartphone and customise it in a unique and original way in just one move thanks to Personalizzalo. Creating a custom Pixel 5 case has never been so easy, all it takes is an internet connection, a few clicks and all your creativity! 

Discover how to create the case you have always wanted, follow these steps: 

  • Click the option "Createfrom the menu at the top of the page and choose the option “case”.
  • Select the brand and the model of the smartphone you want to create the case for.
  • Upload your image from your smartphone or PC, or choose a design from the Artists’ Gallery.
  • Use the configurator to make all the modifications you want to your image, you can even add text.
Complete your creation and wait, you’ll have your case in 72 hours!


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Cover Morbida Google Pixel 5


Custom Pixel 5 cases are made from pure TPU silicone, an innovative material with absorbent and anti-radiation properties. These soft cases absorb impact, protect the display with their 1-mm raised border and have an anti-slip grip coating.


Designed to cover your smartphone for a long time, the customised Google Pixel 5 case has memory foam technology and the images that you choose to print are incredibly scratch resistant!


Ultra light, practical and indestructible. Classic soft custom Pixel 5 cases will never cease to amaze you and your friends. With precisely cut holes in line with the connector ports and printed in high resolution, they will leave you speechless!

Custom COVER PIXEL 5 case: a fantastic gift idea

Have you ever had to give a gift and found yourself without ideas or time? Don’t worry, Personalizzalo is the right website for you! Thanks to our configurator you can make a custom Google Pixel 5 case with just a few clicks and directly from your smartphone, decorate it with a special photo, add a message and have it delivered to your home in 72 hours. In this way, you will be giving a useful, original gift that will always be “at hand”!

Not only custom PIXEL 5 COVER

Our aim is to help you to express your creativity by creating useful and original objects without limiting you to custom Google Pixel 5 cases. Our configurator is really easy to use and our printing techniques are versatile and high-performance... why not take advantage of these resources to create other colourful objects? Put yourself to the test and create cases for more than 700 models of smartphone, cases for MacBooks, iPads and tablets, clothing for men, women and children, shopping bags and MINI-MEs!