t shirt personalizzate online

Custom t-shirts online, the right choice for a really unique and original result!

Personalizzalo’s custom t-shirts are really easy to create. Use our online software and have fun uploading your favourite images or photographs, your designs or your original texts.




The custom t-shirts available in the Premium line are made in 100% brushed cotton jersey, a soft and versatile fabric which, thanks to a special treatment, is shrink-proof. Machine-washable at 60°.


This model is for those who want a simple yet tight-fitting custom t-shirt. The special slim fit adapts perfectly to the body.


Personalizzalo's online custom t-shirts are printed with a special technique which embeds the colours directly into the cotton, leaving the fabric soft and flexible. Finished with elasticated seams in the collar and sleeves, the Premium men’s custom t-shirts are the best choice for those who want a quality t-shirt at a reasonable price.
Are you looking for online custom t-shirts with express delivery? With Personalizzalo you can have your custom t-shirts in just 3 Days!

Print Custom t-shirts: a fantastic gift idea.

100% Quality Guaranteed

Finally, online custom t-shirt printing is here, an original and unique idea to make a special gift for a special person. Choose a design from the artists’ area or upload one of your photographs. A special gift that will be delivered straight to your home in just 3 days!
t shirt personalizzate online con foto

Custom t-shirts with photographs

Have you always wanted a custom t-shirt with your favourite photograph or image? Now you can have one! Have fun creating custom t-shirts online. With our software you can see the modifications you make in real time and create your custom t-shirt with just a few, simple clicks.
t shirt personalizzate online con testo

Custom t-shirts with text

How and where can you make custom t-shirts with words and text online? It’s easy, Personalizzalo has just what you need. Choose the model of t-shirt most suited to your figure, open our virtual configurator and have fun writing all the phrases that mean the most to you.
t shirt personalizzate online con grafica

Custom t-shirts with designs

Creating custom t-shirts with your original designs or patterns has never been easier than this, upload your design from your computer or smartphone, or choose from the wide range of designs available in our artists’ area.


Tolleranza circa 1,5 cm
T-shirt personalizzate guida alle taglie
T-shirt personalizzate guida alle taglie
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