Create your custom MacBook case in just a few simple clicks!

Now you can create fantastic personalised cases for MacBook! Personalizzalo puts a practical online application at your disposal: within seconds you can create your highly original case for Mac from scratch. How? Very simply: follow the wizard and, once finished, your case will be visible in the preview exactly as it will be sent to your home; your new personalised MacBook cases, delivered within only 72 hours! Start now:
  • click on the menu item CREATE CASE;
  • choose your model of MacBook;
  • upload the photo you want to print on your new case, taking it from your device, from your social albums or from our Artists Area;
  • position it the way you like on the template and admire the result!
The personalised MacBook cases as you want it is finally a reality!


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Custom MacBook Case


Rigid custom Mac case with a matte surface, a pleasantly silky feel and look, made with exceptional print quality that exalts intense colours and enhances images in pastel shades.


A case made exclusively with the highest quality materials and with the utmost attention to detail. The recharge cable socket, USB ports and headphone jack line up perfectly with the holes in the custom MacBook case, allowing you to take advantage of the full potential of your device without having to remove it.


The rigid custom MacBook case drastically reduced the risk of breaking your Mac. It surrounds the laptop with a silicone shell just a few millimetres thick, protecting it from knocks, falls and scratches.

Elegance and protection with our cases!

The personalised MacBook cases are unique in the world. The quality and resistant cases created by Personalizzalo for your modern Apple computer are embellished by significant images you have chosen: vivid and bright, the fantasies you have chosen almost come to life thanks to the innovative printing technique used.
High definition images and bright colours that don't fade over time: a lasting and protected impression with your personalised MacBook case. The structure of the cases is light, elegant and minimal: in short, in line with the shape of your MacBook.
Due to their ultra-slim design, the Personalizzalo MacBook cases are extremely functional: complete use of the device is, in fact, also guaranteed even when these are fitted; you will hardly even notice you've covered your computer!

Personalised MacBook cases, a great gift idea!

With Personalizzalo, say goodbye to the difficulties of finding the right gift, to last-minute dashes and to compromises: with an Internet connection and in just a few minutes, you will be able to use your creativity to create a personalised MacBook cases: a great and unusual gift idea for any occasion! Birthdays, graduations, name days or simply a gesture of thoughtfulness! A useful accessory to stand out with originality, using a significant image: the personalised MacBook cases is far more than a simple case; it's a memory!

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